So on a day to day basis I think Joshua handles his PKU very well. He very rarely complains and when he does he gets over it quick enough.

Then there are days like today. We are tidying up and Joshua said to me “Mam how bad is ham for my PKU?” I told him very bad and he admitted that he just ate a tiny piece!!!! my heart sank. I sat him down on the sofa and we had “The PKU Chat” again. We chatted about how he knows that he can’t eat certain foods because they are high protein and how he has his own foods that are low protein. He then started to cry because he thought he was going to get into trouble. Only a pinkie promise would stop the tears!!

This is the part of PKU that I hate. The part that makes my son cry because he ate something that most people wouldn’t even think twice about. The part that causes tears over food, something that normally brings joy to people.

I wish with all my heart there was a cure for this. I wish the government would pay for medication so Joshua could expand his diet. Above all I wish PKU never existed.

Of course I’ll never say this to Joshua. I tell him he is perfect just the way he is and he wouldn’t be Joshua without his PKU. It’s part of him just as much as his blue eyes or his sense of humour.

Onwards and upwards we’ll mark today as a bad day for PKU  and will try for better tomorrow.





Shepherd’s Pie


This is a simple low protein version of regular shepherds pie that I make for the rest of the family. I find it hard sometimes to come up with alternative ways to serve mashed potato and veg to Joshua and this was a winner. He even asked for seconds which is never does!!!

So we just used broccoli and carrots for this one. Chopped into a small dish and pour over gravy – the gravy is quite thick. Put into the oven until veg is soft. Make the mash potato separately. Once the veg is cooked layer over the mash and put back into the oven to brown. At this stage you could add violife cheese I just had none in the fridge this time! The cheese melts nicely on top of the pie.

Has anyone used any other veg for a shepherds pie? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoy.




So back to school has begun for most of us and back again is the challenge of what to put in Joshua’s lunchbox! Most days he has the following:

  • Cheese sandwich – we use a bread maker for his bread and violife cheese.
  • Yogurt and Jelly – we use the baby fruit pots and jelly pots from aldi for this.
  • Mini packet of raisins.
  • Fruit salad – I put this in a separate container and usually have strawberries, sliced grapes, melon and orange

I put little baby carrots in today to see would he eat them and he liked them so I’ll probably get a couple of days out of that before he starts with “I don’t like them anymore!”

So if anyone has any ideas for lunchboxes please leave a comment below. The school doesn’t allow cereal bars and they are usually quite high in protein for Joshua as he is only on 3 exchanges at the moment. I sometimes make pancakes and he’ll take one of them in but I feel like he eats the same stuff in his lunchbox all the time. Maybe all kids are the same and I’m just paranoid about it!!

Will update again soon



OMG Look what I found


Well look at what I found. Can’t believe I used to have this blog about Joshua and his pku.

It’s great to look back and read about what it was like when he was little. He was only 3 and a half when I last updated. Joshua is now 7 and a half!! We have come so far since last posted. We have had ups and downs with PKU and sometimes life can be very difficult for Joshua and ourselves.

I think I’ll restart this pkuandus and sure even if nobody reads it Joshua will be able to read it when he is older and see how much he has grown with his diet and he’ll know that I was always proud of him in the way he handled the diet even when he found it very tough and cried about the unfairness of it and why he had to have pku.

If there is anything anyone wants to see on the page please let me know and please feel free to share especially to new parents who have just received their pku diagnosis. It can feel so overwhelming when you first hear your child has PKU and it would be nice for those parents to be able to hear that although it is hard it is manageable. There will be tough times but there will also be wonderful times where you are super proud of your child because they refused chocolate and stated they can’t eat that because they have PKU!!

That’s about it for now will post again soon


Forgot I even had this blog!!!


Can’t believe its been March since I updated this blog completely forgot about it. It’s great to look back on it and see how far we have come and the struggles we were having are getting easier and easier every day.

So I’m going to pick this back up and try update it every week (or more often if I get the time). I’m not sure if its helpful at all to anyone but sure it’s nice reading for me to have in years to come ha ha!!!

So Joshua is 3.5 years old now and in playschool. Doing really well. Can’t believe my little boy is growing up so fast 😦

I was very nervous about him attending playschool with regards to his PKU. I had been into the playschool a few times in advance to prepare them and have a chat and they assured me everything would be fine and apart from one slip up everything is going really well. I do find it hard sometimes to pack a lunch for Joshua as surprise surprise he is still a bit fussy. Also doesn’t help when mammy has been lazy and has no bread made!!!

With regards to exchanges Joshua is only on 3.5 exchanges and we do find this a bit hard. The most he ever really goes up to is 5 and for the most part is usually on 4.We had a very high level last week of 960 and it hasn’t been that high since he was born! Thankfully it has gone back down to 450 this week.

I did have concerns about Joshua’s learning ability relating to his PKU and simple things like learning and remembering numbers but after a little extra work he is coming on really well and is at the same level as the other children in his class so I’m happy about that. It gets very scary (as I’m sure it does for every mammy pku or not) when you think your child might be struggling.

Apart from that Joshua is a bundle of fun and his pku doesn’t hold him back at all. His biggest weakness is yogurts so I do try to make sure I have fruit pots that he can have.

We operate the traffic light system with him and he seems to really understand that so after Christmas we will make a food chart with the traffic lights and food pics to remind him what he can and can’t have.

Phew that’s a long post so I’ll leave it at that for now. Feel free to leave any comments and thanks for reading if you got to the end!!

Mammy of J

Baking Day Today


Well I felt really guilty for not doing any new baking for a while so this morning I had a bit of extra energy and got out the fate cookbook. I was looking for something simple to make with not too many ingredients so I came across the raspberry muffins and the chocolate banana loaf. They both were very simple to make and turned out really well. In case anyone hasn’t got the fate book here are the recipes.

Raspberry Muffins

300g Fate low protein all purpose mix

150g soft light brown sugar

1tsp baking powder

120g soft margarine

1 tsp vanilla essence

240mls water

120g frozen raspberries

Add the all purpose mix, brown sugar and baking powder together. Mix well. Then add the margarine, water and vanilla essence. Mix until smooth. Add frozen raspberries using a metal spoon. Don’t stir the fruit for too long as the juice will start to come out and the muffins will end up pink. This mix is enough to make 12 large muffins (although I did have a bit left over!) Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200c or gas mark 6 for about 30 mins. Can be frozen!

Chocolate and Banana Loaf

1 x 250 g of Fate LP Chocolate Flavour Cake Mix

65g soft margarine

1 large banana

125ml water

Place the cake mix, margarine, water and banana (roughly mashed) into a bowl. Mix until smooth (you can use an electric mixer). Don’t worry if you have chunks of banana in the mix it will add texture to the loaf. Pour into a greased baking tin and bake in the oven for 35 – 40 mins at 190c or gas mark 5.

I’ve posted a picture of the muffins and will try to take one of the loaf later.

Happy Baking!!!!!


All’s going well thankfully!!


Well we had our appointment in Temple Street and everything is going great thank god!! Joshua’s weight is back up in the 95th percentile which was great news as his weight had dropped at the last appointment due to not eating much. Height is fine and we are now doing bloods every 2 weeks as long as they are stable so good news all round!!

Joshua is back eating much better now. He eats a bowl of frosties for breakfast (about half an exchange measured out with the blue scoop) with a small bit of apple juice. We use the pro zero milk which he is finally taking for me and drinks it out of the end of the bowl!! He’ll sometimes have a bowl of hot breakfast cereal at 10am before naptime. Lunchtime is still a bit hit and miss. Some days he may only eat a rice cracker or two and sometimes he’ll have a waffle and fruit or else nothing!!!

Dinner is usually just an lp version of whatever the family is having and spuds and veg is still the favourite!!!

Temple street have the moulds in for the easter eggs so we got a few different ones and will be giving that a go this year as I cheated and bought the egg last year. I think i’ll probably make a few of the regular egg shapes and wrap them to give to our family so they can give them to Joshua.

We also took a loaf of the juvela bread home from temple street to see if Joshua would try it again as with the new baby coming (10.5 weeks yay!!!) i dont want to be stressing about baking a loaf of bread. So we gave it a go this morning and not only did he eat one slice toasted with butter and jam but he asked for a second slice so success 🙂

That’s about everything for now. I did explain to Temple Street that Joshua is very fussy about trying new things and they said that children need to experience new foods numerous times (something silly like 10 times!!) before they decide whether they like it or not so I’ll keep offering the new lp foods that we bake and hopefully he’ll take to it eventually.

Will update again soon


Recipe for Spanish Omelette as promised!


Recipe for Spanish Omelette


For the Vegetable Filling:

1 tbsp oil

Knob butter

Veg of your choice (I used 1 onion, 1 tomato, some broccoli and mushrooms)

1 tbsp mixed herbs

Salt and pepper to season


For the Omelette:

75g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix

1 tsp baking powder

Salt and pepper to season

A little yellow colouring (optional – I didn’t have this so used a tiny bit of gravy browning!)

30mls oil

100mls water

A little oil for cook


Prepare the Filling

Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and add the oil. When hot add the butter and add the veg until they are soft. Season with the salt and pepper. Place on a plate to cool.



Recipe for Spanish Omelette




Prepare the Omelette:


In a separate bowl, plate the Fate all purpose mix, baking powder, salt and pepper. Mix well. Measure the oil and water and add a few drops of colouring. Pour the water and oil onto the dry ingredients and using an electric hand mixer mix on high speed for about 1 ½ minutes. It should then be a smooth and light mixture which looks like a light and creamy mayonnaise. Using a spoon gently stir in the veg filling. (It doesn’t have to be completely cold.) Heat your frying pan until quite hot then add a little oil. Add the omelette mixeture to the pan and quickly spread it over the base of the pan. Leave to cook over a gently heat for about 2 – 3 minutes until the underside is browned and the top of the omelette looks dry. Turn the omelette over using a wide spatula, or you might find it easier to tip the omelette right over onto a large plate so that the cooked side is on the top. Then gently slide the omelette back into the pan (uncooked side down) into the pan. Leave to cook for another minute or so.

It freezes well and can be served hot or cold.




More Baking


Haven’t been able to post anything all last week as I was sick with the flu but I made Joshua the Spanish Omelette from the Fate cookbook. Unfortunately he didn’t eat it but it turned out really well so I reckon I’ll just have to offer it a couple of times as he is really fussy about trying new things. I’ll add the receipe to the side of the page for anyone that doesn’t have the fate book.

Last night I made a fruit crumble for all the family and just spooned Joshua’s portion into a small ramikan dish and topped his with a low protein version of crumble. To do this I just added some fate all purpose mix, butter and brown sugar and it browned lovely in the oven. Joshua ate some of it which was good for him!!!

Going to make some veggie rosti’s from the Annabel Karmel website and if they turn out I’ll put up the receipe. Again I’ll just substitute any regular flour for the fate all purpose mix and see if it works out.

That’s about it for now. Still trying to get Joshua to eat new things. Oh I made more fate sausages too but again he was very cautious about eating them. However I did read in Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care but that it can take up to 10 times of offering a new food before a fussy eater will actually eat it so I’m not getting too stressed out about it and will just keep offering the new stuff.

On a positive note Joshua did wolf down 2 veggie fingers with his dinner last night and he had gone off these for a while!!!

Will post again soon with more receipes.


Back on Track at Last


Well I can’t believe it’s been so long since I updated the blog its terrible!! I’m blaming my pregnancy brain (expecting baby no 2!!) on the lack of blogging 🙂

So Joshua is doing really well his levels are generally stable at around 300 although they do vary slightly. He’s on 5 exchanges at the moment which is not too bad to manage. I have however been very lazy lately with the baking and trying of new things (again blaming pregnancy brain!!) but with the help of the facebook page I’m going to get baking again at the weekend.

I did make a risotto during the week for lunch as this meal has become our biggest battle but Joshua wasn’t interested. He’s very fussy about trying new things so I’ll just offer it to him again maybe next week and see if he’ll eat it. I had the same response with the pizza.

I did make a loaf of fate bread – not very adventures I know – but it turned out really well and Joshua liked it so going to make a loaf or two and store in the freezer.

I’ll update again after the weekend and the mammoth baking is over!! On the list so far is a spanish omelette and dough balls so hoping to add a few more items to the list especially items that freeze well.

Also thinking about going to the PKU weekend this year for the first time haven’t fully made up our mind as Joshua is still quite young – not even 2 yet – but will speak to other mammies and make a decision soon.

Thanks for reading.